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Sunlight is comprised of three properties that can cause premature deterioration of artwork, paint, flooring, furnishings and of course your skin.

The first property of Sunlight is called UV or ultraviolet rays. UV Rays are technically unseen or felt but can be responsible for significant damage to yourself and your belongings. If you’ve ever had an oriental rug in a bay window area you may notice how the half in the sun is faded compared to the other half.

The second property of Sunlight is referred to as I.R. or Infra Red Rays. An infra red ray produces a thermal effect, otherwise known as “heat”. Something we all crave in the winter and like to escape in the middle of summer.

The third property of Sunlight is “Visible Light”. Sunrise is when we first see this property and like most things it has positive and negative effects. The negative effect can be blinding glare that can cause us to squint or not be able to see.

Gone unchecked these three culprits can rob you of your health, your belongings and your comfort.

At Aloha Window Tinting we recommend Window Tint or Window Film for protection against sun damage and increasing your comfort. We only use the best residential and commercial films from Madico and Solargard providing protection from the harmful rays of the sun while allowing in the positive attributes. With at least 20 different shades, colors, darkness’s and thickness of film we can help you find the best option for your needs at a price that fits your budget.

If privacy is a concern in your vehicle, home or business, there are many options from frost to blackout.

If heat and or comfort are your primary concerns there are many high quality, long lasting films that will block heat but still allow the light in. We even offer a clear solution that enhances your view but doesn’t allow the harmful effects of the sun to enter.

Living in a salt air environment can present its own challenges to some film manufacturers – we have solutions to those concerns as well as a guarantee to back it up! We even offer window film that will lengthen the life of your window warrantee and protect you from some of the “fogging” you see in older homes and windows.

Help protect the occupants of your home from the damages the sun can bring, lengthen the life of your belongings, be more comfortable, lower your electric bills and enjoy more privacy.

Call Aloha Window Tinting for free samples and a complimentary consultation. We’re mobile! We come to you! For all your auto, home & business window tinting needs call (850) 702-3518.

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