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As every person in the state of Hawaii knows, the sun is both a blessing and a curse. It brings us joy with sunny weather, but it can also bring a little misery if we aren’t prepared to take on the heat and glare in our homes.

Sure, the first thing everyone needs to do is make sure their home air conditioner is properly maintained. But unless you like throwing money away, there is another solution that can reduce your energy bills and some unwanted glare in the process.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, up to 43 percent of our utility bills are made up of controlling our indoor temperatures. Good news: you can lower that cost by having your windows professionally window tinted.

Now, before you stop reading, we’re not talking about the kind of window tinting you expect to see on a secret service vehicle. Though, if you are looking for a dark tint, that is perfectly fine as well.

Home window tinting comes in a variety of styles. In fact, window films can vary from opaque to clear. Here are some of the many benefits that come with window tinting, all of which vary somewhat depending on which style you decide to go with.

Reduce Heat

Home window tint is designed to repel thermal rays given off by the sun. Less sophisticated window film only manages to darken a room, but doesn’t do much of anything about the heat. Newer, more advanced, window tinting is “spectrally-selective,” which is a fancy way of saying that the film only allows wavelengths of radiation through that are responsible for natural light, while blocking those wavelengths responsible for heat.

Energy Savings

If you’re reducing the heat entering your home from the sunshine, it’s only logical that you’re going to see some cost savings as well. Home window film can significantly reduce how hard your air conditioner needs to work, hence lowering your monthly energy bills.

Reduce Glare

All that sun we get here in Hawaii sure can create some unwanted glare, which is a particular nuisance when you’re trying to watch television or work on the computer. When you have a quality window film installed, you can keep your blinds up and let the sunshine in! You can still light up your home with the bright light of the sun, while reducing the annoying glare.

Save Your Furniture

Constant sunshine can take its toll on any furniture exposed to direct sunlight. Some window film can block as much as 99 percent of UV rays and significantly reduce heat, both responsible for fading your valuable home furnishings.

Put Off Window Replacement

If you’re looking to replace old windows to help improve your home’s energy efficiency, you might just be able to get the job done with the right window film. This affordable alternative to replacing home windows can provide the energy saving you’re looking for.

Improve Home Security

Residents of Hawaii know that severe weather can strike at any moment. High winds during heavy storms or hurricanes can break glass. Security-enhancing window films can add extra protection, greatly reducing the chances of shattering windows and injuring occupants.

This can also be an invaluable security feature if a burglar is trying to smash a window to gain access to your home. Some home window film is so secure, it is used in the highest offices of government for the purpose of protecting the most senior of officials.

As you can see, there is much more to window tinting than meets the eye. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss options for your home, give Aloha Window Tinting a call at 808-214-3037.

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  • Rockford Johnson

    I learned a lot about home window tinting by reading this article. It was interesting to learn that home window tinting can help to reduce heat by repelling thermal rays. I hope this article can help to save us money during the next summer season.

  • Gina Henrie

    I don’t live in Hawaii, but I live in a very warm place similar to their climate. I did not know that nearly 43 percent of Hawaii’s utility bills are made up of controlling the indoor temperatures. It is amazing that having your windows tinted can help to reduce that cost. I am thinking about having my windows tinted for the same reason. I hope it will help!

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